Testimonials from Children


“Thank you for making my party so special. I enjoyed it all. I especially enjoyed the magic. You are the funniest and best magician in the whole wide world.” Kirsty Bell, 5 years old.


“Thank you for making our birthday party so much fun. The disco was super, but our favourite was when you did the magic show. It was great. We have already asked mummy if you can do it next year" Abbie and Natalie Marnoch, 8 years old.


“…thank you for the magic show. I really enjoyed it! My favourite part was when you moved the dice. It disappeared! I didn’t have a clue where it went. It was really fun. I also enjoyed the skunk because it was funny! Your magic show was cool!”
Sean, Inchview Primary School, Edinburgh


"I really enjoyed your magic show and thank you for the balloons. The skunk was very funny and the rabbit was very good when you got us with the back of it and their girlfriends. I hope you come again. You are the best.” Jodie, Edinburgh


“Thank you for a great magic show. I thought it was weird how you made the dice disappear in the air. I thought it was really funny when Stinky played dead.” Kayleigh, Inchview Primary School, Edinburgh